Katharina Megli

Cambridge Singing Teacher    Performance Coach    Choral Director

I founded the Lucy Cavendish Singers at Lucy Cavendish College, University of Cambridge, in October 2008. The choir is made up of about 18 singers drawn from this and other university colleges and departments as well as the wider community.

The Singers give regular public performances in Cambridge and the surrounding region and provide musical entertainment for many private functions in the historic colleges. We also perform in London’s Brandenburg Choral Festival.

The Singers are trained to sing from memory. This fosters a powerful esprit de corps which in turn creates a strong connection with the audience as all the choir’s energy is directed to sharing the music with the listeners.

I design each programme to suit the venue and the occasion, whilst at the same time ensuring the talents of the singers and the accompanying musicians are displayed. The singers’ voices are individual and distinctive. In small groups and ensembles they are able to perform a wide range of musical styles; together they produce a powerful, compelling and unique  sound.

About Lucy Cavendish Singers


Lucy Cavendish Singers in rehearsal at St Paul’s Church

Covent Garden

'Singing with the Lucy Cavendish Singers, founded and directed by the fabulously talented musician, Katharina Megli, is one of the great joys and privileges of my life. I had the great good fortune to join the singers in their first few years and what a very exciting journey it has been and continues to be. We have gone from strength to strength both in performance skills and in quality of musicianship and singing.  We have developed from an interesting Cambridge choir into a semi-professional group with an ever increasing range of performance .




Katharina's unique and inspirational approach combines a great talent for selecting music which perfectly suits the varied individual voices in the group and then devising brilliant musical programmes which take the singers and the audience on a wonderful journey, at times hilarious, at times deeply moving.  As a singer I am constantly challenged and shown how to do better and am being introduced to a huge range of choral music far beyond the range of my college choir days.  It is great fun and truly an exhilarating ride.’     Andre Chadwick